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Danger of scalding!

Open sealing cap only after engine has cooled down.

No vent screw on radiator or on thermostat housing.

Cooling system is vented while it is filled and during subsequent idle operation.


Before filling, turn on ignition. Set blower to low level. Set heating control to maximum temperature. This ensures that the water valves are fully opened and the auxiliary coolant pump is running.

Important: The auxiliary coolant pump must deliver coolant in order to ensure full venting!


Use only recommended coolant.

Check cooling system for leaks.

Perform filling operation slowly.

Pour coolant into expansion tank up to MAX mark.

Start engine and run at idle speed for approx. two minutes (cap open). Then adjust coolant level to MAX.

Close cap and run engine up to operating temperature until main thermostat opens. Check cooling circuit for leaks.


The engine must be cooled down before the coolant level is checked. Coolant temperature must not exceed 30 °C. If ambient temperature is above 30

°C, allow engine to cool down to ambient temperature at least.

Check coolant level and adjust to MAX.


Do not fill coolant expansion tank over MAX level as overfilling will cause the coolant to overflow.