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Tilt the bonnet of the BMW 5 E39

Tilt the bonnet of the BMW 5 E39

Cable drive both hood locks must not have backlash. the cable sheath must be completely in the guide lock. Otherwise, when exposed to the bonnet wire to guide the drive can slip, which will lead to the impossibility of opening locks.

If you adjusted the hood is shifted relative to its position, it can be seen not dyed seats.

1. Adjust the stop screw (1) of the left and right hinges so that dimension A = 25 ± 1 mm.
2. Check the stop (2). If necessary, replace the loop

Adjusting the hood drive
1. Adjust the hood adjustment device. See the accompanying illustration.
The cable must not be tight. The illustration shows the cable and locks in the detail.

2. If necessary, adjust the course of the hood actuator adjusting screw (arrow on an accompanying illustration).

3. Fully tighten the focus.

Adjusting the lateral position of a cowl
1. Loosen the bolts (1) and (2) the left and right hinges so that the hood can be moved.

2. Close the hood and set it under the right and left wings.

If the adjustment range is not enough, loosen the hinge bolts of the bonnet to the body and slide them relative to the body.

3. Carefully open the hood and fix the hood screws.

Adjusting the height of the rear of the bonnet
1. Adjust the height of the bonnet in the area of the loop. To do this, close the hood and measure the deviation in height hood with respect to the wings.
2. Open the hood and move under it, or ask for support to hold up the goal.
3. Remove the bolts (1) and (2) and, depending on the deviation from the correct position, remove or insert spacers.

4. Tighten the bolts on the left and the right.
5. Recheck the position adjustment. If necessary, repeat the adjustment.

Adjusting the height of the front of the bonnet
1. Loosen the lock pins of the bolts so that they could move.

2. Repeatedly close the lock to align the locks.

Do not close the hood of the castle.

3. Tighten the lock pins.
4. Loosen the lock nut (1) with a screwdriver and turn the lock pin.

5. Thus, adjust the position of the flat bonnet towards the wings. Note that to achieve a parallel gap relative to the wall.
6. Tighten the locknut.
7. Make sure that the lock is securely fixed. If necessary, repeat the adjustment.

Adjustable stop
1. Open the hood.
2. Remove the fence so that the hood was under some pressure. To do this, two columns of clay about 10 mm in height. Put them at stops and close the hood. Then open the hood and measure the height of the stops and compressed bars. Turn the stops on the obtained value of the height of 0.5 mm. Specify how to adjust all the stops.
3. Check that the hood is without gaps for all legs. If necessary, repeat the adjustment.

The hood should not act under the wings. Otherwise, when the vehicle noise is the wind.

4. Measure the protrusion of the hood over the lens of the headlamp. It should be A = 4 ± 1 mm. Otherwise, adjust the headlights.

5. Loosen the bolts (arrows on an accompanying illustration) and slide the headlight forward or backward.

Do not exert pressure on the spotlight. If necessary, move the lower bolts.

6. If the lamp has been moved, check its adjustment.

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