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Tightening Torques for Seat Belts BMW E31, E36, E38, E39, E46, E52, E53, E83

72 11 

Type Thread Tightening specification Torque
1AZ Seat belt,

Automatic reel,

Lower strap,

Anchor fitting,

Belt tensioner to body

E36 / E31 / E38 / E39 / E46 / E52 / E53 / E83 Replace screws 31 Nm
Seat belt on B-pillar
All, except E53 Replace screws 31 Nm
Seat belt / belt tensioner to seat, on Touring also to rear seat backrest
All, except E52 / E53 Replace screws 48 Nm
2AZ Screws for seatbelt height adjustment on body
All Replace screws 22 Nm
3AZ Seat belt to seat

Install bolt with bolt cement.

E31 Replace screws 47 Nm
4AZ Seat belt to backrest
E31 Replace screws 24 Nm
5AZ Headrest to backrest
E31 24 Nm
6AZ Seat belt at belt height adjustment (reversing clip)
All Replace screws 31 Nm
7AZ Tension relief between roller sun blind bracket and backrest lock bracket
E39/2 24 Nm
8AZ Retaining angle, belt tensioner to seat rail
E46 / E83 Replace screws 24 Nm
9AZ Slide bar to body
E46 Replace screws 44 Nm
10AZ Counter-support plate to body, B- and C-pillars
E53 39 Nm
11AZ Seat belt to seat (end fitting)
All Replace screws 45 Nm
12AZ Screw of seatbelt height adjuster to counter-support plate
E53 Replace screws 31 Nm
13AZ Belt tensioner to seat
E83 Replace screws 45 Nm
E52 / E53 Replace screws 31 Nm
14AZ Inertial reel unit to body / B-pillar
E53 / E83 Replace screws 31 Nm
15AZ Automatic reel on rear seat backrest
E53 Replace screws 45 Nm
E83 Replace screws 35 Nm
16AZ Belt guide to front seat (sash guide to head restraint clip)
E46 Convertible Replace screws 8 Nm
17AZ Automatic reel to front seat backrest
E46 Convertible Replace screws 39 Nm
18AZ Coupling gearing to centering pin
E46 Convertible 2.5 Nm
19AZ Corner hoop to side panel, inner (B-pillar)
E53 / E83 ±0.5 Nm
20AZ Upper belt loop to body
E83 Replace screws 31 Nm
21AZ Automatic reel to body
E83 Replace screws 31 Nm

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