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The rear suspension of the BMW 5 E39

The rear suspension of the BMW 5 E39

1 – wheel bracket
2 – Suspension Strut
3 – Coil Spring
4 – shock
5 – anti-roll bar
6 – Rear axle gearbox
7 – wishbone
8 – drive shaft
9 – suspension bar
10 – guide arm
11 – balancer
12 – Integral Arm

The rear suspension is a multi-link design with subframe and double-elastic suspension of the main transfer. Wheels sent four wishbones, elastically linked to the sub-frame. The subframe is also resiliently connected to the body. Moreover, the arms and the drive wheels are geometrically arranged so that they together with rubber feet create the effect of a joint control the rear wheels and provide exactly the calculated rotation angle adjustment of the rear wheels. This gives a gain in traffic safety in all situations.

The rear suspension is made entirely of aluminum. Therefore, you should comply with the requirements listed in Article Front suspension.

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