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The oil sump. Removing and installing. Engine M52

The oil sump. Removing and installing. Engine M52

Disconnect the ground wire from the battery.
NOTE: Due to the lack of space for the removal of the oil sump is necessary to weaken both the engine support and lower front axle.
Remove the air filter housing with an inlet duct to the air filter housing with an inlet duct to the throttle body and remove it. Lift the car and prop stand. Remove the bottom mudguard of a motor compartment. Drain the engine oil. Pull the return hose from the oil separator on guide tube for dipstick, by loosening the clamp.

Remove the tube bolt from the dipstick holder. Remove guide tube upwards from the oil sump, paying attention to the O-ring. Hook the engine to the winch (lift), and lift it up. If there is no lift, pull the wire through the appropriate eyelets on the engine, pass through the cable pipe powerful and lean it on a suitable stand or support in the wings.

WARNING: Do not rely on the pipe wings! Slowly raise the engine, while ensuring that it is not stretched and does not pinch the wires and hoses.
Slowly lift the lift motor by about 5 mm. Remove the steering shaft from the steering mechanism
(Slats). To do this, unscrew the clamping screw and remove the universal joint from the steering mechanism.

Unscrew the bolts of the pump-assisted steering and hang it on the engine, together with the mechanisms connected by a piece of wire.
WARNING: The hoses are connected to the power steering pump, or spilled liquid. If parts of the hydraulic system open, then you need to pay more attention to clean, because gets inside the dirt can cause damage to the amplifier fails.
Loosen the left and right engine mounts from above by about four turns.

On the underside of the car, remove the bottom nuts of both engine mounts. If so, unhook the oil lines from the holders on the oil sump. Disconnect the oil level sensor plug on the oil sump.

Prop up the front axle floor jack and special support. The picture shows a special device. Unscrew the bolts front axle and lower it as low as possible.
ATTENTION: The steering mechanism and the front suspension arms on the front axle disconnect is not necessary.
Remove the crankcase bolts front and rear.

Tilt the oil sump and
pull it back.
NOTE: If you can not get housing, remove the bar from the stabilizer bar to the left and to the right and lower the rear axle even more.
Clean the mating surfaces of oil pan and cylinder block. Lubricate the joints on the cover stars on the cover of the casing and an elastic sealant. Sealant layer should be approximately 3 mm wide and 2 mm high.

Prilep using grease new oil pan gasket and check the correctness of its landing.
NOTE: The gasket should always be replaced.
• Place the oil sump.
Screw the crankcase bolts, but do not tighten them. First, tighten the bolts on the gearbox and then the engine. Finally, tighten the bolts to 10 Nm, ie not much. If you drag the bolts, the pad will be too hard and have a leak. If so, insert the oil lines in the attachment to the crankcase. Insert
maspoizmeritelnogo guide tube for dipstick with O-ring and tighten the bolt. Damaged O-ring must always be replaced.
Secure the return hose from the oil separator to guide the probe tube and fix its collar. Wrap and secure the oil level sensor connector. Fit the anti-roll bar. Lift perednegomosta beam and fix its bolts. Connect the steering shaft to the steering gear (rack). Tighten the clamp bolt to 20 Nm.
Lower the engine, remove the lift. Tighten both engine mounts to 45 Nm.
NOTE: To tighten the nuts / bolts and engine mounts, the following tightening torques: M8 threaded part with a tightening torque of 25 Nm, and threaded M40 to 45 Hm.
Install the power steering pump. Pour the oil in the engine. In the probe there are two maspoizmeritelnom tags that indicate the amount of oil in the engine. The difference between the minimum and maximum
mal level corresponds to 1 liter. Lower the car. Install the air filter. Connect the negative cable to the battery. Once control trip, check the oil sump on the density
and, if necessary, gently pull the bolts. Establish the bottom mudguard of the engine.

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