Running SAC clutch in the BMW cars

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To ensure correct operation SAC clutch is necessary to break in gently.

A warning!

Sports maneuvers while driving may damage the new clutch!

These maneuvers include:

maneuvers with high speed difference
Switching gears with a pass at high speeds (Bucs clutch)
High speed when pulling away (for example, at the entrance to the vehicle for the carriage)
When starting with a new clutch the principle that action must be observed:

– Friction linings include work with small to medium loads (following program running)
– Motion mode must be a regular with numerous “quiet” switching
– Speed when starting maintained at a level of up to 2000 rev / min
– Break-focused program on small climbs
– Starting on average bias (for example, at the entrance to the vehicle for the carriage) with the rotational speed does not exceed 2500 / min

By doing so, between the linings and the friction surfaces of the metal layer is formed coal, which creates the necessary friction coefficient.

the running program:
For approx. 30 km when driving on the road

(Specially for M5 and Z8)
often switched transmission
speed when starting max. 2000 rev / min

1> 2> 3> 4> 5

downshifting at 2000 rev / min
5> 4> 3> 2> 1

Switching to a higher and a lower gear
at 3500-4000 rev / min

3-5 times to pull away on a light rise
speed when starting max. 2500 rev / min


For optimum run-in friction linings, it is desirable to perform 800 – 1000 switches at the “normal” driving (point this out to the client).