Replacing vibration damper Kit BMW M50 engine, M52, S52, M52TU

11 23 031

Special tools required:
11 2150
11 2410

Remove vibration damper.

Pay attention to the position of the centering pin.
Secure special tool 11 2 150 to special tool 11 2 410 (shim) to hub vibration damper.

When loosening and tightening the central bolt the second person hold it in special tool 11 2 150.

If you keep on turning as it should not possible: Remove the extra elements such as tool 11 2 150 will not be able to rely on the front spar without damaging other parts.

A warning!
Do not damage the front side member.
Between the front spar and tool 11 2 150 to put a wooden lining.
Release central bolt. Remove the vibration damper hub.

Replace radial seal in crankshaft.

Align hub with groove to featherkey.

Shoulder washers points in the direction of the hub.

Replace the central bolt.

Torque November 23 2AZ.