Replacing the lambda sensor on engine BMW M40, M43, M43TU

11 78 510

(To the work code 13 00 002)
Read the information in the fault memory of the CNG / DME control unit, check the messages, troubleshoot, erase the information.

For vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG):

1. Lambda probe for DME control unit
2. Lambda probe for CNG control unit

Disconnect plug connection for lambda probe.
Unclip the clamp and remove the lambda probe wire.

Release lambda probe.
Tighten the lambda probe with special tool 11 7 030.
See Technical Data 11 78 1AZ.
The thread of new lambda probes is already smeared with paste Never Seez Compound.

When installing the formerly used lambda probe, only the threaded part should be lubricated with a thin and even layer of Never Seez Compound paste (see materials from BMW Parts Service).

Do not clean or contact a part of the lambda probe in the discharge line.

When applying anti-corrosion protection, the lambda probe should be covered.