Replacing the intermediate propeller shaft bearing assembly (models with sliding clutch) BMW 3 E36

26 12 001

Remove the propeller shaft.
See. 26 11 000.
A warning!
The propeller shaft is balanced assembly.
Mark the relative position of the front and rear propeller shaft ink-pencil.
Do not use for marking objects that can damage the surface (eg, core).

Disconnect the rear of the propeller shaft.
Unscrew the collet (1).
Before assembly, the propeller shaft is first put on the clamping sleeve (1), washer (2) and the rubber ring (3).
Empty slots and put on them greasing Molykote Longterm 2 cm. To BMW Parts Service.
Assemble the PTO shaft so that drawing attention to the coincidence of adjusting labels.

Only when the universal joint on the side of the gearbox:
Propeller shaft assembled so that the universal joints are arranged in one plane.
When disassembling sliding Muta forget about labeling, it is possible incorrect installation offset by 180A

Remove the retaining ring (4).
Remove the boot (5).

Fit the intermediate support Kukko puller in position, prevents damage to anther (6).
Remove the center bearing with ball bearing.

If the damage (deformation) anther remove it using puller Kukko and replace.
Press on boot up to the stop with special tool 23 1 160.

Press on the intermediate support with ball bearing up to the stop with special tool 23 1 160.
A warning!
Check the smoothness and ease of rotation of the intermediate support.