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Replacing the engine speed sensor (encoder) BMW M51

Replacing the engine speed sensor (encoder) BMW M51

13 62 600

Read out fault memory of DDE control unit.

Turn off the ignition.

Squeeze radiator hose at the inlet of the engine to the side to see the markings (1) on timing case cover. To turn the engine in a rotational direction while the marking on the damper (2) torsional vibration aligns with the marking (1) to the timing case cover.

View from above. radiator hose is pressed to the side.
Marking (1) on the vibration damper must align with the marking (2) on timing case cover.

The sensor (2) the speed is set lower than Starters (1).

Disconnect the connector (1) from the sensor (2) speed, for this click on the connector locking clip.

Release screw.
Remove the speed sensor with holder.
Disconnect the speed sensor from the holder.

Install special tool 13 6 040 on holder. Install the holder on the cylinder block and slide all the way forward. This establishes a desired spacing (A) between the centering pin on the flywheel and crankshaft speed sensor.
Fix the holder.

The device is now located near the centering pin (1) reference signal flywheel.
Unscrew special tool 13 6 040 from the holder and remove.
A warning!
Holder on the cylinder block is no longer turned away, unscrew and remove the device only.

Insert the speed sensor into the holder.
Install the engine speed sensor.
Install the plug-in connection.
Functional test.
Read fault memory of DDE control unit fault of the system, check the message. Eliminate the fault, erase fault memory.

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