Replacing the electronic control unit DME engine BMW M50, M52, S50US, S52

12 14 550

(The code works N 13 00 002)
Follow instructions for removing and installing electronic control units,
see. The general management, Core Group (HG) 12
Read fault memory. Turn off the ignition.

Before replacing the ECU following instructions should be followed:
The encoding control unit,
see. 12 14 700
Programming of the control unit,
see. 12 14 705

Remove sound insulation,
Release screws.
Pull the cover with wiring harness to one side.

Fold up the retaining clip plug-in connection.
Disconnect plug connection.

Remove the control unit from the mounting brackets. (Gut-wrenching clamps the screws is not required).
1. The automatic transmission computer
2. The control unit is a digital electronic engine control system
Read fault memory of DME control unit, check messages, eliminate the fault memory.