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Replacing sealing sleeve for transmission housing (GA6HP26Z)

Replacing sealing sleeve for transmission housing (GA6HP26Z)

24 34 020

Special tools required: · 24 2 390

Important! After completion of work, check transmission fluid level . Use only approved transmission fluid . Failure to comply with this requirement will result in serious damage to the automatic transmission!

Necessary preliminary tasks: · Remove exhaust system at manifold and lower. · Remove left and right heat shields . · Support transmission with hydraulic jack. · Remove transmission cross-member . · Remove transmission sump . Important! Do not support transmission on transmission fluid sump. Risk of damage.

Unlock and disconnect plug by turning.

Insert special tool 24 2 390 in sealing sleeve (1).

Unlock sealing sleeve with slide.

Note position of sealing sleeve.
Pull out sealing sleeve .
Screw in sealing sleeve partially (lug in
upper area). Turn until lug engages in
groove of transmission. Slide in sealing

Lug on sealing sleeve must not be damaged!

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