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Replacing right connecting line on engine BMW N63

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Observe Electronic Parts Catalogue! If necessary, individually replace broken connectors (connections) without having to replace all engine ventilation lines.

Nominal size for the connectors of the connection line: NW15

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Remove right intake silencer housing

Unclip the connectors (1 and 2) from the holder.

Unlock the plugs (1 and 2) and disconnect them.

Unlock and disconnect the connector (1).

Unlock the holder (2) and carefully guide it out by removing upward.

Release screws (1 and 2).

Remove holders (3) upwards.

Release screws (1).

Remove holders (2) upwards.

Version 1:

  1. Unlock the retainer.
  2. Pull off the retainer together with the line.

Pull the connecting line off the clean air pipe and engine crankcase ventilation line.

Version 2:

Pull the line (1) gently in the direction indicated by the arrow.

At the same time, use a screwdriver (3) to unlock the latch mechanisms (2) one after the other.

Pull the connecting line off the clean air pipe and engine crankcase ventilation line.

Unfasten screws (2).

Tightening torque 11 12 10AZ:

10AZ Connecting branch crankcase ventilation
N63 M6 x 18 10 Nm

Detach the connecting line (1) from the cylinder head cover by pulling it upward.

Conduct visual inspection to check for loose parts.

Remove any loose parts that may be on the oil separator.

Replacing connectors:

Release lock (1).

Completely disassemble the lock (1).

Pull off the connector (2) from the engine ventilation line.

Make sure the O-ring (1) has been installed correctly.

The O-ring (1) must not be damaged.

Coat the O-ring (1) using lubricant (part no. 83 19 9 407 771).

Connect the connector (2) to the engine ventilation line.

Part: Connector nominal size 15.

Position the lock (1).

Completely press in the lock (1).

Make sure the lock (1) engages audibly.

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