18 10 031 

Special tools required:

00 2 210

31 2 220


Scalding hazard!

Only perform these tasks after exhaust system has cooled down.

Support exhaust system with special tool 31 2 220 .


If the cutting lines are not identified by notches in the pipes, they must be determined by means of the pipe lengths on the new rear muffler (2).

Carry over cutting lines to faulty rear muffler (2) and mark out.

Cut both exhaust pipes at marked points with special tool 00 2 210 and deburr.

Secure exhaust system against falling off.

Release screws and remove holder (1).

Tightening torque 18 20 2AZ.

Release screws and remove holder (1).

Tightening torque 18 20 3AZ.


Texts refer to and illustrations show the left side. The procedure is identical for the right side.

Lower and remove exhaust system with assistance of a second person.


Connect front muffler to rear muffler by means of clamps and align.

Centre clamps and tighten down.

Tightening torque 18 20 5AZ.


Align both tail pipes (1) of rear muffler in each case centrally to openings in rear apron.


Check rubber mount for damage and replace if necessary.

Check exhaust system for leaks.