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Replacing outside handle and lock actuator from left or right front door BMW X5 E53

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Remove sound insulation on front door.
Remove outside handle on front door.

Remove seals (1) and (2) for outside handle.

Unclip ball head (1).

Detach Bowden cable (2) from support (3) on door lock.

Loosen bolt (1).

Lift out lock actuator (2) towards front and remove to inner door panel.


Guide (3) must be located outside metal edge (4).

Lock actuator (5) must be flush with guide (6).


Bowden cable (1) must not be removed or replaced.

In event of a mix-up, the door will not be able to be opened.

Lock actuator (2) has a red marking on Bowden cable (1).


Bowden cable (1) must be fitted correctly with lock actuator (2).

Seal (3) must be fitted – wind noises.

Buffers (4) must be fitted.

If necessary, replace screw (1) on lock actuator (2).

Guide (3) must be flush with support (4).

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