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Replacing left or right fixed door window in rear window frame BMW X5 F15

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Notes on window bonding

General procedure to dismantle / install bonded window glass


Removal is carried out using the Spider.
The following new parts / consumables are required (sourcing reference BMW Parts Department).
Material Quantity
Door window glass (on replacement) 1
Small repair kit 1

Special tools required:

51 3 220

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Remove cover for window guide

Remove trim on rear window frame

Remove rubber window seal for door window glass in area of fixed door window glass

Remove clamps (1).

Installation note:

Replace faulty clamps (1).

Slide nylon string in area (1) through adhesive bead.

Feed nylon string to rear of spacer of door window glass.

Cut through adhesive bead in direction of arrow up to area (2).

Pull door window glass (1) outward slightly and cut through adhesive bead in area (2) from inside with knife.

Remove door window glass (1).

Remove remnants frame in the areas (1).

Overview for taping of door window ()

Position (1) corresponds to bead joint.


Carefully insert door window (1) with special tool 51 3 220 at bottom first, align sideways and insert latch mechanisms (2) in mountings (3).

Cut A – A
a [mm] = Position adhesive bead 2 ±1 / along window frame contour
b [mm] = Width adhesive bead 8 ±1
h [mm] = Height adhesive bead 15 ±1

Assemble the door immediately after installation of the door window.

When refitting:

First carefully insert door window glass at bottom with special tool 51 3 220, then align to door outer skin.

Spacers in area (1) must be positioned against door outer skin.

Top of PVC frame of door window glass must have dimension (x) to door outer skin.

(x) = 5.5 mm

Secure door window glass with yellow plastic adhesive tape.

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