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Replacing guide sleeve for clutch operator GS6-45BZ

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Necessary preliminary tasks:

Remove transmission.
Remove clutch operator and release lever from guide tube.


Loosen screws (1).

Remove guide tube (2).


Preparation for installation:

Remove all traces of label (1) and adhesive from guide tube using suitable solvent.

Install guide tube (2).

Tighten down screws (1).

Part: Renew screws (1).

Tightening torque:

2AZ Lid guide tube/transmission housing
H / I / K-gearbox M8 x 22 18 Nm
H / I / K-gearbox M8 x 30 25 Nm
H / I / K-gearbox M6 10 Nm

Required follow-up work:

Install clutch operator and release lever.

Install the transmission.

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