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Replacing front wheel bearing hub for BMW 7 E38

Replacing front wheel bearing hub for BMW 7 E38

31 21 180

Remove the brake rotor without disconnecting the brake hose,
see. 34 11 220.
Remove pulse generator ABS.

Use a screwdriver to remove the hub cap. The hood must be replaced!

Raskontrit Kern castellated nut.

Release nut switch 31 2080.
The nut should be replaced!

A warning!
After dismantling the bearing assembly must be replaced.

Remove the bearing assembly with special tool 33 2 116/33 4201/202/203 and wheel bolts (1).

If necessary, remove the bearing inner ring with the end of the bridge girder.
Attach special tool 33 4 406/401 on the bearing inner ring and squeeze as long as the device is barely turning.
Remove the inner bearing race with special tool 33 4 402.

Remove the inner bearing ring can also use the special tool 31 2 100.
Remove the protective cover. Remove the inner bearing race and dust sleeve tool 31 2 100.

The gasket (1) on a new dust sleeve (2).

Install protective cover (1). Fit a new dust sleeve (2).
The hole in the dust cup should be aligned with the hole in the steering knuckle.
Screw to lock the mandrel 31 2 110.

Fit a new bearing assembly and compress it with the mandrel 31 2 110.

Screw the new castle nut and tighten its moment,
cm. Specifications 31 21 1AZ,
and lock nut by tapping on it.

A warning!
When tapped nut must engage in the groove!

Install a new cap on the sealant (see. To BMW Parts Service).

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