Replacing front ride-height sensor BMW X5 E53

37 14 511

A warning!
Follow the instructions on protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD – ElectroStatic Discharge)!
After installation:
Check and adjust headlight adjustment, if necessary.
Version with ride height adjustment: adjust the ride height.
Initialize LED tire damage.

Disconnect the connector (1).
Release nut (2) and remove the post.
Tightening torque 37 14 7AZ.
Release screws (3) and remove the sensor.
Arm clearance sensor must be sent from the sensor to the side of the vehicle (the outside).
Tightening torque 37 14 6AZ.

Unscrew the nut (1).
The holder should be between two tides (2).
Tightening torque 37 14 7AZ.