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Replacing front bumper BMW 3 E46 (Coupé)

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Necessary preliminary tasks:

Remove complete front bumper.

Replace baseplate for number/license plate

Replacing centre section of front bumper (support beam):

Detach edge guard (1) from bumper (2).

Release expansion rivet (1).

Release blind rivets (2).

Lever out catches (3) and remove bumper carrier (4) towards rear.

Replacement only (bumper centre section):

If necessary, release nuts (1) on left/right and remove fanfare (2) from bumper centre section (3).


The work for ”Replacing front bumper centre section (carrier)” ends here.

Remove metal nuts (1) on left/right.

Version with foglight:

If necessary, detach retainer (2) for fog lamp.

Replacing front bumper (bumper trim):

Remove trim grille for bumper trim.

If necessary, remove both fog lamp inserts (complete).

Lever out catches (1) and detach trim (2).

Release bolts (1).

Lever out brake air duct (2) on left/right and remove.

Release screw (1).

Lever out catches (2) and remove trim (3).

If necessary, release expansion rivet (1).

Lever out mount (2) on left/right and remove.

If necessary, lever ventilation hose (1) out of mount (2).

Lever out cover (1) for towing lug and detach retaining strap from bumper (2).

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