Replacing fan cowl engine BMW M43TU, M52TU without air conditioning

17 11 031

Engine BMW M52TU:
Remove nasechnye rivets (1) and remove the air intake cover.

Unlock and disconnect plug connection (1).

Release screw (1).

Remove nasechnuyu rivet (1).
Remove the fan casing with the fan and the movement back upwards.

Replace the fan shroud.
Release screws (1) securing the stroke knob, unscrew the bolts (2) securing the motor. Pull the wire from the holders. Unlock connector (3) and removed from the mount.
Observe the tightening torque,
cm. 17 40 1AZ, 17 40 2AZ
The fan is balanced, in any case, do not carry a fan of the impeller.
Failure to do so may result in disruption of balancing, and thus generate noise or fan frame for grazing during the rotation.