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Replacing complete supplementary fan (with fan cowl) BMW M5 E39

17 40 000 

Remove complete front bumper.
Remove complete right headlight.
Remove complete left headlight.

Version with right and/or left air duct only:

Remove screws (1) and (2).

Fold back air duct (3) as illustrated.


Disconnect plug connection (1).

Turn plug housing (2) in direction of arrow and remove from front air duct (3).

Unscrew bolt (1).

Release expansion rivet (2).

Unclip cable loom (4) from fixtures (3).

Release screws (1).

Release expansion rivets (2).

Remove air duct at front (5) in direction of arrow.

Unscrew nuts (1).

Remove supplementary fan complete with fan cowl (2) in direction of arrow.

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