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Replacing center muffler BMW M5 E39

18 12 061

Remove complete exhaust system.
Refer to 18 00 020.


Scalding hazard!
These tasks should only be carried out on an exhaust system that has cooled down!

Measure length (B) of pipe sections on new center muffler.

Carry over calculated measurement (B) to removed exhaust system and mark cutting points.

Cut through exhaust pipes between catalytic converter and center muffler and between catalytic converter and rear muffler at marked points with a parting-off grinder and deburr.

Grind off remaining welding beads from center muffler.

Remove pipe necks from catalytic converter pipes.


If the pipe necks cannot be removed from the catalytic converter pipes, cut off the corresponding pipe length on the new center muffler.


If the openings on the new center muffler are sealed with adhesive film, remove the adhesive film completely from the new center muffler.

Connect new center muffler and catalytic converters by means of clamping sleeves.Installation:

Nuts point downwards.

Install both rear mufflers.


Align exhaust system and all clamping sleeves in such a way that there is sufficient spacing to adjoining components.

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