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Replacing cable for temperature mixing flap BMW 3 E30

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Disconnect battery ground lead.
Remove and install instrument panel trim on left side 51 45 180. Remove and install tray 51 16 200. Open glove box.
Disconnect pins (1) of both retaining straps.

Remove radio opening mask or radio. Pull opening covers (1) or switches (2) out of control panel. Pull off plugs (3) on swiches (2).

Unscrew screws. Pull out control panel slightly.

Unscrew screw (1). Take off trim panel (2).

Lift out clamp (1). Disconnect cable (2) on lever (3).

Set temperature selection whell to (cold or warm) stop. Turn knurfled nut (1) to also move temperature mixing flap to (cold or warm) stop. Secure cable with clamp (2).

Pull out clamp (1). Disconnect cable (2) on lever (3) and remove.

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