Replacing Cable For Gear Range Selector Lever BMW 5 E28

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Disconnect battery ground lead.
Lift off caps (1).
Loosen screws (2) and push back console.

Unscrew trim panel.

Unscrew left trim panel.
Remove screw (3).
Open glove box.
Remove screw (4).

Take off cover (5).
Disconnect mask.

Lift out ashtray.
Unscrew ashtray insert.
Remove screw (1).
Connect wire.

Pull back console.
Unscrew heater cintrols.
Take out console completely.
Cars with Radio:
Pull off all plugs on radio and speaker balance control.

Loosen nut.
Don`t bend the steel cable.

Unscrew nut.
Push back cable sleeve and disconnect in holder.
Pull cable out of operating lever.