12 12 072 

Move rodent protection on ignition leads to one side.

Cut off ignition lead directly behind connector.

Strip insulation from ignition lead with insulation stripping pliers off a 6 mm length (A), wire cross section of 1.5 mm2

Fit special tool 12 1 083 to special tool 12 1 081.

Insert connector (1) in corresponding section of matrix.

Preload contact by squeezing matrix in hand pliers. This secures connector (1) in the matrix.

Insert insulation-stripped wires (1) firmly home in connector. Press handles of pliers firmly together. Pliers open.

Remove crimped connector with ignition lead. Crimping of wires (1) and insulation (2) (tension relief) must be uniform right around circumference of connector.

Slide special tool 12 1 087 onto spark plug connector. Coat ignition lead with special tool 12 1 088 (anti-friction coating). Insert ignition lead in special tool 12 1 086. Insert ignition lead in spark plug connector: adapter must audibly locate in spark plug connector.

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