Removing and installing turbocharger. Engine M21 (Diesel)
1 – turbocharger
2 – stud
3 – feed oil line
4 – a sealing ring
5 – coupling
6 – oil return pipe
7 – a sealing ring
8 – a bolt with a cylindrical head
9 – washer
10 – a collar
11 – a hose
12 – a collar
13 – oil pipe clamp mounting
• Disconnect the hose relief valve going to the intake manifold, which oslabete and slide back the fixing clamps.
• Disconnect the air hose from the air cleaner. by loosening the clamp and slide back
• Remove the mounting front exhaust pipe nuts on the studs (2).
• Mark the position of the clamp (13) and remove the felt-tip clamp.
• Remove the oil lines (3) and (6), and then plug the open hole.
• Remove the four bolts securing the turbocharger to the exhaust manifold and remove the compressor.
• Check whether the installation is not deformed surface for the fastening of a reception pipe.
• Install the turbocharger and tighten it to the exhaust manifold with new bolts, having tightened their moment of 25 Nm.
• Check for damage and replace the O-rings (4.7), oil lines, if necessary.
• Set the feed oil pipe (3) and tighten the union nuts to 22 Nm.
• Install the oil return pipe (6) and tighten the bolt (8) to a torque of 40 Nm.
• Set the collar (13) in the position marked during removal.
• Screw the exhaust pipe with new self-locking nuts. Pre-coat studs
copper paste, in order to facilitate the future dismantling of connections Tighten the nuts first torque 30 Nm,
then tighten to 50 Nm.
• Connect the air hoses and fix their collars.