Removing and installing, sealing the throttle body engine BMW M43TU

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Turn off the ignition.
Release screw (1) support the throttle body.
Disconnect connectors potentiometer throttle and idle valve.

Release screws (1) and remove cover (2).

Pull the rope (2) from the rubber grommet (1) and disconnect it from the throttle.
If the cruise system available in the same way to remove the second rope.
Loosen the clamp (3) and remove the corrugated hose.
Adjust wire throttle actuator (M43 engine)
see. 35 41

Release screws (1) (4 bolts) above and below the throttle body.
Remove the throttle body.
Replace gasket between the throttle body and intake manifold.
For ease of installation lubricate the corrugated hose means to facilitate sliding.
Read fault memory of DME control unit, check the memorized messages, rectify faults and erase from memory.