Removing and installing, sealing, replacing full-flow oil filter assembly BMW M52 engine, S52, M52TU, M54, M56

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Remove the air intake housing with air-mass flow sensor.

Remove the filter cover and allow the oil to drain from the filter housing into the oil sump.
This operation is described in the “then by regulations Oelservice BMW”.
Remove the generator.
If necessary, empty the power steering reservoir.
If necessary, remove the tank (lines remain connected).
If necessary, remove the power steering pump (lines remain connected).
If necessary, remove the belt tensioner drive of the generator.

Disconnect the pressure switch connector oil.
If necessary, disconnect plug oil temperature indicator switch.
Remove oil VANOS adjustment mechanism from the oil filter housing.
Release screws and remove main flow oil filter assembly.

Check dowel sleeves for damage and correct installation.

Replace gasket.
Top up engine oil.