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Removing and installing, sealing or replacing oil sump on engine BMW M50 up to 9 / 1992 BMW 3 E36

11 13 000

Note:To remove the oil sump, the engine must be raised.

Drain engine oil .
Remove complete exhaust system.
Bring engine compartment lid into working position and remove end wall heater (intake plenum).
These repairs are described under the job item ”Remove wiper console”.

If the engine compartment lid is in the working position, the wiper must not be operated.

Completely remove air duct for generator.

Remove intake silencer with hot film air mass meter.

Left-hand threads.
Remove fan clutch with fan impeller and fan cowl, refer to 17 11 031


Tightening torque 11 52 1AZ.

Release top radiator mount.

Remove guide tube for oil dipstick.


Check O-ring, and replace if necessary.

Release fluid tank for steering hydraulics from engine support arm and pull it forward.

Remove drive belt for power steering pump and alternator.

Release support angle between power steering pump and oil sump.

Release power steering pump and tie it to the side.


Lines remain connected.

If necessary, release air conditioning compressor.


Lines remain connected.

Release right and left engine mounts at the top, and loosen at the bottom.

Release earth cable.

Prepare set of special tools 00 0 200 consisting of special tools 00 0 201/202/204/206.

Unclip oil lines for hydraulic steering from holder on the engine support and set aside.

Place special tool 00 0 206 on engine support.


When lifting, alway make sure that no lines, channels and hoses are being stretched or crushed Observe distance between engine and bulkhead.

Carefully raise engine as much as possible.

Release oil sump screws on transmission and engine sides.

Lower oil sumps.


Left-hand threads.

Release nuts for camshaft sprocket.


Tightening torque 11 41 4AZ.

Remove camshaft sprocket from gearing.

Release intake pipe from holder.

Unscrew oil pump and remove.


Note dowel sleeves.

Move oil sump toward the rear.


Make sure sealing surfaces are clean and free of sealing surfaces.
Coat contact edges of joint with Drei Bond 1209 (refer to BMW Parts Department).
Check gasket, replace if necessary.
Install all oil sump screws.
Initially tighten oil sump screws on transmission side still without preload.
Tighten down oil sump screws on engine side.
Tighten down oil sump screws on transmission side.

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