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Removing and installing right glovebox with housing (with active knee protection) BMW Z4 E85

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Read and comply with safety regulations for handling airbag modules and pyrotechnical belt tensioners.

Incorrect handling can activate airbag and cause injury.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Disconnect negative battery cable

Remove right glovebox

Release screws (1 and 2).


Replace screws (2).

Tightening torque 72 12 19AZ:

19AZ Airbag module for knee protection
E85 M6 Replace screws 8 Nm


Secure right glovebox with housing (4) against falling out.

Lever out right glovebox with housing (4) using special tool 00 9 317 at retaining points (3) and remove.

Unlock and disconnect plug connection on airbag module and switch for glovebox light.


Do not lose nuts (5) belonging to screws (2), detach if necessary.

Replace retainers (1).

Make sure clips (1) are correctly seated in associated mountings.


Remove airbag module for front passenger knee protection

Remove damper for glovebox

If necessary, remove switch for glovebox light

If necessary, press both bearing pins (3) in direction of arrow out of right glovebox with housing (2).

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