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Removing and installing, replacing weather strip on rear door on left or right BMW X5 F15

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Observe procedure for using special tool 00 9 324 .

The ”Instructions on fitting window guide seals” serve as the basis for this repair instruction and must be observed without fail.


If reusing the existing window cavity cover strip (1), make sure it is not bent.

Tape off area below weather strip with fabric adhesive tape (2).

Lever out weather strip (1) using special tool 00 9 324 (starting at B-pillar).

At the same time, carefully lift out B-pillar cover, weather strip (1) from outside with special tool 00 9 325 .

Carefully lift out weather strip (1) in area of fixed side window from outside with special tool 00 9 325 .

Installation note:

Sealing (1) must be correctly fitted in cover strip (2).

Moisten sealing (1) prior to installation with approved lubricant.

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