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Removing and installing, replacing trim for rear parcel shelf BMW 5 E39

51 46 000 

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Remove both panels for rear roof pillar (C-pillar finishers).

Release all seat belts at rear bottom.

Version without through-loading system:

Remove rear seat backrest.

Version with through-loading system:

Remove both rest side sections on rear seat backrest.

Version with rear window roller blind only:

If necessary, release screws and nuts in luggage compartment.


Tightening torque 51 46 3AZ:

3AZ Roller sun blind with rear parcel shelf to body
E38, E39 6 Nm
E60, E65, E66, E67, E90, E92 4 Nm

Version with rear window roller blind only:

If necessary, disconnect plug connection (1).

Unlock catches (1) with feeler gauge and pull out both trim grills (2) in direction of arrow.

Version without through-loading system:

Release screws and remove mounting (1) for head restraint center. Lever out belt finisher strips (2) and feed out with strap.

Replacement only:

Lever out trims (3) for head restraints and remove.

Release expansion rivets (4) and pull out rear shelf towards front.

Version with through-loading system:

Release expansion rivets (1) and lever out trim.

Version with through-loading system:

Lift out seatbelt finishers (1) and pull out with seat belt.

Only replace:

Lift out finishers (2) for headrests and remove.

Remove parcel shelf towards front.


Push pins (1) of rear shelf into guides (2).


The operation ”Removing trim for rear parcel shelf” ends here.

If necessary, remove or replace rear window roller blind:

If necessary, expose cable (1).

If necessary, release nuts and remove Velcro-type fasteners.Installation:

Tightening torque 51 46 2AZ:

2AZ Roller sun blind to rear parcel shelf
E38, E39 3 Nm
E65, E66, E67 2 Nm

If necessary, release toothed disks and lever out trims (1) on left/right. Feed out rear window roller blind (2) and remove.


Check function.


The operation ”Removing or replacing rear window roller blind” ends here.

Replacement only:

Remove speaker finishers (1).

Lift out catches (3) and remove both trim grills (2).

Remove foam support from back shelf.

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