Removing and installing, replacing the reinforcing element (cross) BMW 3 E46

31 11 005

A warning!
Observe safety regulations for lifting the car!
Driving without the reinforcement element is forbidden!
The reinforcing element must not touch the bracket with rubber mount control arm.

If necessary, remove underbody protection mechanisms.
Release screws (2).
Release screws (1) and remove the washer (if any).
Remove the reinforcement member.

If the rubber mounts mounted arm diameter (D 66 mm, all the bolts (1) between the reinforcing element (3) and front spar (4) must be equipped washers (S).
Torque October 31 8AZ.

A warning!
If necessary, bend the heat shield from the reinforcing element.
Diesel engine:
If necessary, modify the (crop) left rear protection panel units that appeared gap through which the reinforcing element would be visible. If you do not, then during operation of mounting the protection panel units may weaken!