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Removing and installing, replacing support for front bumper panel BMW X5 F15

51 11 050 

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Disconnect the battery

Remove front bumper panel

Remove intake duct


AFGS (active pedestrian protection) procedure after accident

Release expanding rivet (1).

Unlock plug connection (1) on left and right and disconnect.

Remove impact absorber (2).

Installation note:

The impact absorber (2) must not be reused.

First attach impact absorber (2) at the bottom and then press on at the top.

Unscrew bolts (1) and (2) from the back.


Depending on engine variant, only bolts (1) may be fitted.

Unscrew bolt (1) on support.

Tightening torque 51 11 12AZ:

Type Thread Tightening specifications Torque
1AZ Bumper to air duct, top
F15 / F16 / F85 / F86 6 Nm
2AZ Bumper to side wall
F15 / F16 / F85 / F86 5 Nm
3AZ Bumper to underbody panelling
F15 / F16 / F85 / F86 4 Nm
4AZ Support to deformation element
F15 / F16 / F86 Screw Jointing torque 56 Nm
Angle of rotation 180 °
Nut 56 Nm
5AZ Deformation element to engine support
F15 / F16 27 Nm
6AZ Deformation element to headlight support
F15 / F16 10 Nm
7AZ Holder to support
F15 5 Nm
8AZ License plate baseplate to bumper
F15 / F16 / F85 / F86 0,8 Nm
9AZ Car registration number to bumper
F15 1 Nm
10AZ Car registration number to bumper (thread repair)
F15 4 Nm
11AZ Strut to deformation element, top
F15 27 Nm
12AZ Strut to support
F15 / F16 / F85 / F86 8 Nm

Unfasten screws (2).

Tightening torque 51 11 4AZ.

Diesel vehicles only:

Undo screws (3) and nuts (4).


Unscrew bolt (5) and swap over bracket.


Carry out work on the left side in the same way as for the right side illustrated here.

Remove support.

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