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Removing and installing, replacing sound insulation in left or right rear door BMW X5 F15

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Instructions for sound insulation are an essential part of these repair instructions and must be followed without fail.

Do not detach sound insulation in jerks (risk of damage).

Ensure watertightness of sound insulation after every repair (water ingress).

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Remove rear door trim panel


Position of sealing bead (1).

Pay attention to the cable (2) when removing the sound insulation (3).


When cutting through sealing bead (1), do not damage sound insulation (2) and if necessary cable.

With a suitable sharp cutting tool (3) cut through sealing bead (1) of sound insulation (2) in the area to be detached.

When refitting:

Damaged sound insulation must be replaced.

Lay butyl rope with ∅ 4 mm (sourcing reference: BMW Parts Department) onto the original butyl rope.


Remove residual butyl at the door and clean the adhesive area.

Air drying time: 1 minute


Bonding surfaces must be dry and free of dust and grease.

Once it has been cleaned, do not touch the adhesive area with bare hands.

Lay 6 mm dia. butyl rope (sourcing reference: BMW Parts Department) in specified adhesive area onto the sound insulation.


Position of butyl rope (1) on sound insulation (2).


A mark (2) is provided all round on the sound insulation (1).

Butyl rope (3) rests on or inside the marking (2).

Heat butyl rope (3) (hot air blower) and press sound insulation (1) on firmly all-round.

Contact pressure with hand roller: approx. 20 N/cm

Manual contact pressure: approx. 10 N/cm


Firm thumb pressure has approx. 30 N/cm

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