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Removing and installing (replacing) right decorative strip on dashboard BMW 3 E90

51 45 380 

Special tools required:

00 9 317


Risk of damage!

A hard disk is installed in the Car Information Computer (CIC).

Carry out mechanical work on the CIC and adjacent components with care.

Avoid subjecting the CIC to vibration/shocks.


Risk of damage!

Do not turn special tool 00 9 317 when levering out and pay attention to pressure marks.

Lever out decorative strip (2) from left side beginning at retaining points (1) with special tool 00 9 317 .

Press out switch for hazard warning flashers / central locking system from back and disconnect plug connection.

Disconnect plug connection from start/stop switch and remove decorative strip (2).

Installation note:

Clips (1) must be seated in associated mounts.

If necessary, remove clips (1) remaining on decorative strip.

Replace damaged clips (1):

  1. Turn clip (1) with slotted screwdriver to left by approx. 90°.
  2. Lever out clip (1) from below.


Remove Start/Stop switch

Remove right fresh air grille

Remove centre fresh air grille

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