18 12 030

Release flange connection.
Separate exhaust system.

Installation note:

Replace screws and nuts.

Layout of flange connection.


Different sealing rings.

Installation note:

Lightly coat flange connection with copper paste, see BMW Parts Service.

Turn flange so as to maximise ground clearance.

Align flanges parallel with each other.

Align exhaust system and engage screws.

Release rear bracket on left and right.

Work exhaust system to the rear and down to remove.

engine BMW M52B28

Pull off the vacuum hose from the vacuum unit.

Installation note:

Check rubber mount for damage; replace if necessary.

Pre-tension rubber bearing in direction of travel A = 15 mm.

Installation note:

Check position of acoustic tailpipes relative to body aperture.

Tighten all screw connections.


Initially tighten flange connection with loose sealing ring.