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Removing and installing, replacing rear left or right upper side trim section BMW Z4 E85

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Necessary preliminary tasks:

Remove panel for storage box

Remove trim behind rollover bar

Remove trim for rear speaker

Release screws (1) on side trim (2).

Pull off hardtop locating point cover (1) towards top.

Bend back trim (2) for hardtop locating point and release door seal (4) in covered area of trim (6).

Unscrew bolt (3).

Release clip (5).

Release screws (2).

Feed out trim (1) under rollover bar trim (3).


Make sure end ring is correctly seated on rollover bar trim (3).


Following parts of side trim top section (6) must not be damaged or missing:

  1. Clip
  2. Screw locator for hardtop locating point
  3. Screw locator for rollover bar
  4. Retaining hooks
  5. Screw locator for speaker trim

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