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Removing and installing, replacing left trunk wheel housing trim BMW 3 E46 Touring

51 47 151 

Remove inside window cavity cover strip for rear left or right side window, refer to 51 37 261.

Release screws (1).

Remove mount (2) for trunk roller cover.

Remove trim (1) from lashing eye at opening.

Release screws (1) and remove lashing eye (2).

Release expansion rivet (2).

Raise on-board socket at cap (1) and pull out towards middle of car.

Disconnect plug connections (1) and (2) and remove on-board socket (2).

Feed out cable (1).

Lever out mount (2) from stud (3) and remove trunk wheel arch trim (4).

Replacement only:

Lever out speaker frame (1).

Release locking washers (2).

Remove mount (3) for on-board socket from trunk wheel arch trim (5).

Do not damage guide (4).

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