16 12 001 


Fuel escapes when fuel lines are detached. Have a suitable collecting vessel ready.

Catch and dispose of escaping fuel.

Observe country-specific waste disposal regulations.


Ensure adequate ventilation in the workbay!

Avoid skin contact (wear gloves)!

Ensure absolute cleanliness when working on the open fuel tank.

Contaminants in the fuel tank can impair driving operation or may even result in vehicle breakdown!

Before starting the engine for the first time:

Top up fuel tank with at least 5 l fuel

Necessary preliminary work:

Draw off fuel from fuel tank

Remove seat bench on vehicles with a 3rd row of seats

For E70 without 3rd row of seats only:

Only unclip seat bench (1) as shown on the left and right and fold up in direction of arrow.

Secure seat bench on front seat (2).

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Remove cover (2).

Release nuts (1) and remove cover for sensor opening (2) from left side of fuel tank.

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Unlock quick-release fastener (2) and detach fuel feed line.

Unlock quick-release fastener (3) for vent line and detach.

Measure gap dimension (A) at clamping ring (1).

Release hose clamp (2) and remove from clamping ring (1).

Press clamping ring (1) apart at open end and remove.

Installation note:

Make sure that service cover is installed in correct position.

The bulge (2) on the clamping ring must line up with the raised section (1) of the fuel tank.

The journal on the service cover (3) must line up with bulge on the clamping ring.

Hose clamp with torque breakaway head (4) always needs to be replaced.

During the tightening, press the service cap in the direction of arrow.

Tighten hose clamp until torque sheer head (4) breaks off.

Installation note:

Seal (1) must always be replaced.

Carefully pull delivery unit upwards.

Slide plug connection (1) in direction of arrow from delivery unit (2) and disconnect.


For purposes of clarity of the screen mask graphic without Tank plating.

Unclip fuel level sensor (1) in direction of arrow from housing and subsequently push from the ducts in direction of arrow.Installation note:

Fuel level sensor (1) must noticeably and audibly engage.