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Removing and installing, replacing fuel filter with pressure regulator BMW Z4 E89

16 11 048 

Special tools required:

16 1 020


Fuel escapes when fuel lines are detached. Have a collecting vessel ready.

Catch and dispose of escaping fuel.

Observe country-specific waste disposal regulations.


Ensure adequate ventilation in the workbay!

Avoid skin contact (gloves, safety goggles)!

Ensure absolute cleanliness when performing repair work on the open fuel system. Dirt contamination in the fuel tank can impair driving operation or may even result in vehicle malfunction!

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Extract fuel from fuel tank

Remove exhaust system.

Remove tunnel heat insulation.

Disconnect cable strap (1) at screw cap.

Disconnect connector (2) from fuel filter.

Press lock (3) in direction of fuel filter and pull off feed line (4).

Release screw cap with special tool 16 1 020.

Installation note:

Tightening torque 16 14 2AZ:

Type Thread Tightening specifications Torque
1AZ El. fuel pump ECU to body
E89 M6 5 Nm
2AZ Sealing ring, sensor opening
E89 50 Nm

Installation note:

After tightening with the torque, care must be taken that the notch (2) on screw cap is between the two marks (1) on fuel tank.

Installation note:

Fuel filter can only be installed in one position.

When installing, make sure lug (1) of fuel filter engages in corresponding recess (2) on fuel tank.

Always replace gasket (3).

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Disconnect lines (2) and (3) from fuel filter.


Lines (2) and (3) can not be mixed up as they have different diameters.

Fuel filter and pressure regulator form a single unit and can only be replaced together.

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