51 11 156 


Before making repairs on the bumper panels with the “active pedestrian protection”, the associated notes must be observed.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Raise vehicle

Remove side ornamental grille (except for M5)

Not for M5:

Release expanding rivet (1) from left and right air ducts (2).

Remove sealing (1).

Release expanding rivet (2) of side cover (1) on left and right.

Raise side cover (1) for each of the next operations.

Release all screws at top and bottom on bumper panel (1).

Version with night vision:

Release retaining screw (1).


The wheel was removed for clarity.

Change steering angle to suit current the current job item.

Release bolt (1) on wheel arch panel. Tilt wheel arch panel sideways.

Release left and right screws (2) behind.

Tightening torque 51 11 11AZ.


Bumper panel must not be pulled out sideways (risk of damage).

For version with Side View camera:

Unlock plug connection (3) on left and right and disconnect.


Bumper panel must not be pulled out sideways (risk of damage).

Disconnect the right wiring harness connector and if necessary the additional plug-in contacts and feed out cable.

Version with night vision:

Release plug connection (2) and high-pressure nozzle line (3) on night vision camera (1) and disconnect.

Remove bumper panel straight towards front with aid of a 2nd person.

Installation note:

Observe gap dimensions.

Replacement (depending on version):

Swap over front radiator grille

Swap over ornamental grille

Fog lights remounting and adjusting

Swap over PDC

Remount towing eye cover

Swap over wiring loom

Swap over headlight washer system cover