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Disconnect negative battery terminal (risk of fire due to short circuit on removal).

Electric fuel pump starts up automatically when door is opened!

Carry out installation work on fuel system only with coolant temperature below 40 °C.

Wear safety goggles.


Adhere to conditions of absolute cleanliness when carrying out repair work on the high-pressure fuel system!

Introduced contaminants can cause malfunctions in the system!

Do not allow any dirt particles or foreign bodies to get into the system.

Remove all traces of contamination before removing lines or separate components.

Use only lint-free cloths.

Seal all fuel system openings with protective caps or plugs.


Ignition coils must not be contaminated by fuel.

The resistance of the silicone material is reduced significantly by contact with fuel, which may cause the ignition coil to fail!

Cover ignition coil with suitable means.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Remove acoustic cover


Fuel escapes when fuel lines are detached.

Catch and dispose of escaping fuel in a suitable container.

Observe country-specific waste disposal regulations.

Release screws (1).

Release the screw (1) on the rear cable clip (2).

Lift out cable clip (2).

Detach the fuel line at the snap fastener (1).

Release bolt (2) at rear of cylinder head.

Tightening torque 13 53 3AZ.

Seal fuel lines with special tools (1) 13 5 161 and (2) 13 5 162 .

Slacken nut (1).

Tightening torque 13 53 2AZ.

Release the feed line from the clamp (2), thread out toward the top and remove.

Assemble engine.

Check fuel system for leak tightness.

Check function of DME.