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Removing and installing, replacing engine BMW N63

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Disconnect negative battery lead.

Move engine compartment lid into service position.

Drain coolant.

Remove expansion tank.

Draw off A/C system.

Remove right suspension cross-brace.

Remove radiator.

Remove both intake silencer housings.

Disconnect coolant hoses from engine.

Disconnect coolant hoses from charge air cooler.

Disconnect line from tank vent valve.

Detach power steering pump from holder.

Remove universal joint.

Remove the transmission.

Remove front axle differential (AWD only).

Remove bearing support (only four-wheel drive).

Open cover.

Release screw (1).

Tightening torque 12 42 3AZ.

Remove positive battery cable lead (2) from positive battery connection point.

Release positive battery cable (2) from clamps (3).

Release wiring harness (1) from electronics box (2) and secure on engine against falling


Release wiring harness from supplementary electronics box (1) and secure on engine against falling off.

Slacken nut (1).

Remove battery earth lead (2).

Unlock and pull off vacuum line (1) from vacuum pump.

Release screw (1).

Remove air conditioning line (2).

Release and disconnect coolant hoses (1).

Graphic N57

Unfasten hose clamp (1).

Release screw (2).

Press shut oil line from oil reservoir to intake pipe section with special tool to prevent oil from escaping.

Tightening torque 32 41 8AZ.

Installation note:

Replace hose clamp.

Remove intake pipe section (1) in direction of arrow from holder (2).

Remove intake pipe in upward direction.

Unfasten hose clamp (1).

Pull off coolant hose from heater valve.

Release hose clamp and detach coolant hose (2).

Unlock and disconnect fuel delivery line (1), seal off with special tool 13 5 160.

Seal off fuel delivery line (2) with special tool 13 5 162.

Undo screw (1), tightening torque 17 22 4AZ.

Detach oil lines from oil filter housing.

Catch and dispose of emerging oil.

Release screws (1) on engine mount on left and right.


Before lifting the engine, the lifting lugs must be checked for damage (cracks) and to ensure they are seated securely.

Suspend special tool from lifting eyes (1) at front and rear.

11 0 020 Lift out engine with special tool.

Mount engine on assembly stand.

Assemble engine.

Top up coolant and vent cooling system.

Check cooling system for leaks.

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