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Removing and installing, replacing electric spindle drive for rear lid on left or right BMW X5 F15

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In the event of customer complaints:

Rattling when opening and closing

Drive not functioning

Drive is blocked or sluggish

No longer closes or opens

Or if incorrect operation is suspected:

Rear lid was closed with excessive exertion of force

Bent, broken piston rod

Broken ball head

The inner compression spring must be secured against sudden unintended release.


Risk of damage to spindle drive!

If spindle drive has been electrically disabled (e.g. connector unplugged) the tailgate must only be moved slowly by hand.

Before starting work, read off and make a note of the boot lid opening angle setting (refer to Owner’s Handbook).

Adjust tailgate to maximum opening angle. The spindle drive may only be removed or installed when the tailgate is open to the maximum.


Danger of injury!

Support rear lid in fully opened position with suitable apparatus.

Unclip the trim (1) in the direction of arrow.

Unlock associated plug connection and disconnect.

Unfasten plug connection (1) and disconnect.

Detach grommet (1) and feed cable out of boot lid.

Detach ball sockets (2) and remove spindle drive motor (3).


Observe warning notices on the damper.

Electric spindle drive for rear lid is under mechanical spring bias!

The component must be secured against falling down.

Concluding tasks:

Initialise automatic operation of tailgate using the service function in the diagnosis system.

Selection via:

Automatic tailgate operation

Power tailgate initialisation

Check the opening angle setting of the tailgate and restore the customer setting, if necessary.

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