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Removing and installing, replacing electric motor of soft-close automatic (front door) BMW X5 F15

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Necessary preliminary tasks:

Detach rear part of sound insulation

Feed out cover (1) in direction of arrow.

Disconnect Bowden cable at bottom (1) and top (3) from door lock (2).

Installation note:

Pull hook for top Bowden cable slightly downwards (3) with one hand and attach the Bowden cable with the other hand.

Bowden cable must be correctly engaged in locators in door lock (2).

Cable must be routed without kinking.

Unfasten electrical connector (1) on drive motor (2) and disconnect.

Loosen screws (3).

Manoeuvre out drive motor (2).

Installation note:

Check that the guide (4) is correctly seated on the inner door panel.

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