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Removing and installing, replacing coolant thermostat on engine BMW N63

11 53 000 


Risk of scalding!

Only perform this work after engine has cooled down.


Catch and dispose of drained coolant in a suitable container.
Observe country-specific waste disposal regulations.


Risk of damage!

Coolant emerges when the coolant hoses are detached from the coolant thermostat.
Cover surrounding components and plug connections with suitable apparatus


For purposes of clarity, the graphic shows the auxiliary coolant pump removed.
Disconnect plug connection (3).

Installation note: plug connection (3) must snap audibly into place!

Unlock snap fastener on coolant hose (2).

Detach coolant hose (2) and lay to one side.


One of the screws is not shown and is located at the rear under the coolant thermostat (1).

Release screws (4).

Tightening torque 11 53 1AZ:

Type Thread Tightening specification Torque
1AZ Thermostat housing to coolant pump
N63 M6 10 Nm
2AZ Coolant line to turbocharger
N63 M14x1.5 38 Nm
3AZ Coolant line to turbocharger
N63 M6x16 10 Nm

Lift out coolant thermostat (1).


The coolant thermostat is integrated in the housing cap. It can only be replaced as a complete unit!

Clean sealing surface.Installation note:

Replace sealing ring (1).

Assemble engine.
Top up coolant.
Bleeding instructions must be observed without fail.

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