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Removing and installing, replacing carrier in storage tray BMW 3 E46

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Removing insert (compartment) in carrier:

If necessary, open cover (1).

Press insert (2) upwards in center with hand and simultaneously remove insert (2).


Following components on insert (1) must not be damaged:

Catches (2), top

Guides (3), bottom

Catches (4), bottom


When installing, press insert (1) downwards in center.

Removing insert (glasses compartment) in carrier:

If necessary, open cover (1).

Press guide of cover (1) in middle with hand towards top and pull out glasses compartment (2) approx. 2 mm.

Press glasses compartment (1) at outside left/right downwards a little and pull out.


Following components on bottom of glasses compartment (6) must not be damaged:

Hold-down elements (1)

Guide (2)

Guides (3)

Catches (4)

Contacts (5)


Catches (1) on top of glasses compartment (2) must not be damaged.

Removing carrier:

Remove finisher for storage tray, refer to 51 16 211.

Release screws (1).


If only switch (2) for ASC is fitted, pull out carrier (3) a little.

If seat heating, rear window roller sun blind etc. are fitted, press out switches from rear to front and disconnect plug connections.

Disconnect plug connections (1) for cigarette lighter and (2) for ASC and remove carrier (3).

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