32 34 020 


Observe the following instructions to avoid any risk of injury by the airbag unit.

Comply with safety regulations for handling components with gas generators.

Do not exert any force on the airbag unit.

Use only specified tools for releasing the airbag unit.

Note: Incorrect handling may result in triggering of the airbag unit and thereby cause serious injury.


Steering wheel must be replaced if airbag unit has been triggered!

Follow procedure after airbag triggering.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Disconnect battery negative lead

Removing and installing, replacing airbag unit BMW 3 E46

Release screws (Torx T30) on both sides.Installation:

Make sure electrical leads are correctly positioned.

Tightening torque 32 34 1AZ:

Type Thread Tightening specification Torque
1AZ Airbag unit to steering wheel
E23 / E24 / E28 / E30 / E31 / E32 / E34 Airbag unit I 8 Nm
E36 / E38 / E39 / E46 Airbag unit II 2 Nm
E53 / E83 M6 8 Nm


Danger of injury!

Airbag unit may only be set down with the airbag itself facing upwards.

Removing and installing, replacing airbag unit BMW 3 E46

Press down lock (1) and disconnect plug (2).

Remove airbag unit.


Disconnect plug connections on airbag unit and remove connecting cable.


Connect plugs to connections of same colour on airbag unit.